Misuse Azure Stream Analytics

Published at January 20, 2019 ·  5 min read

We had one case where we synced user info from Azure Ad to SMS messaging service. And colleague of mine suggested to try Azure Stream Analytics. Well, we ended up to a different solution, but for fun of it I had to try the Stream Analytics approach. Actually Stream Analytics is marketed for analysing IoT or Logging data, but thinking outside of the box is always much more enjoyable....

How to Schedule Posts With Azure

Published at January 12, 2019 ·  3 min read

Scheduling blog posts When starting this blog I chose to make static site with hugo and host it in netlify and use github as source control. As being static I wondered how to schedule blog posts like you can easily do in ie. Wordpress. I found this https://serverless.com/blog/static-site-post-scheduler/ blog post that tackled the problem with AWS. As mostly an Azure guy I thought, why not do it in Azure with Logic Apps...